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Ignite Your Child's Imagination with Engaging, Heartfelt Learning Robots.

Introducing our cutting-edge robot products designed to revolutionize education and therapy. In this section, we proudly present our two innovative offerings, each engineered with precision and expertise to cater to distinct needs and goals. Explore the unique capabilities and features of our robots, designed to inspire creativity, foster learning, and promote social interaction, while providing personalized support and adaptive experiences. Discover how these state-of-the-art technologies are empowering individuals to overcome learning obstacles, unlock their full potential, and embark on a transformative journey towards personal growth and independence.

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The Kebbi Air S provides enriching benefits

for children!

  • Enhanced Learning:  AI Voice and Object Recognition help in language development and cognitive learning.

  • Creativity Boost:  Customizable Dialogues and Accessories encourage imaginative play and personal expression.

  • Interactive Skills:  Voice Activation and Sound Orientation aid in developing communication and listening skills.

  • Emotional Intelligence:  Its vibrant body language and emotion display help children understand and express emotions better.

  • Sensory Engagement:  Movement, Touch, and Facial Recognition features stimulate interactive, sensory experiences.

  • Educational Interaction:  The 7-Inch Multi-touch Display Panel offers an engaging, hands-on learning interface.

Kebbi not only entertains but also educates, making it a valuable addition to a child's developmental journey!


Amazing! I was truly impressed when my shy grandson's face lit up, jumping off my lap and walked up to this robot when he heard it say his name. Say goodbye to iPhone and iPads! This robot is an absolute game changer in how children interact and learn!


The DK-1 Robot Creator offers a hands-on approach to learning, perfect for budding STEM enthusiasts! 


Engage in STEM learning

  • Through building the DK-1, children engage directly with engineering and coding concepts, enhancing their understanding and skills in a practical, enjoyable way.

  • Build and Learn:  Children assemble the DK-1 themselves, gaining insight into robotics.

  • Emotional and Cognitive Development:  Combines the nurturing aspects of the Kebbi robot with hands-on STEM learning.

  • Creativity in Action: Encourages innovative thinking and problem-solving.

  • Family Involvement:  Provides a collaborative project for families, deepening connections through shared learning experiences.

  • Technological Insight:  Offers a real-world glimpse into robotics and programming.


The DK-1 Robot Creator isn't just about building a robot; it's about constructing knowledge, skills, and memories.



My son loved talking to Kebbi! He was very engaged with him, and followed all of the robot's instructions with enthusiasm"


Apogee WEBtools

Apogee WEBtools

Effortlessly deploy unlimited creativity and service into your Kebbi robot.

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